Let’s Bring Treat Day to the NHS

We need your help & the NHS needs your love!

Thank you. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Over the last few weeks, we have felt privileged to be able to supply over 300 treats to the staff on the front line of our fight against Covid-19 in the communities of Birmingham & the West Midlands. In these difficult times you have all supported our small business, but just as importantly our family. In turn, this has allowed us to donate treats to the Heroes looking after us in this fight.

In addition, a massive thank you to frontline keyworkers: Sinead, Claire, Maria & Abigail for the inspiration you gave us by selflessly placing orders for your friends & Colleagues on the front line.

I am sure we have all now come to realise this fight is far from over. We are determined to carry on bringing a little joy into the lives of the people who are sacrificing everything so we can stay home & stay safe. We may not be able to supply masks, gloves, gowns or even our help… BUT what we can most certainly do is show our appreciation in as many ways as possible!

Most importantly we stay home whenever possible & follow guidance. Or a beautifully organised round of applause from our front doors… Now we need your help to bring little moments of joy to as many NHS staff as possible in the local area.

How can you help us?….. just donate as much as you can afford.

For every £15 we raise we will deliver one of these large treat boxes to a department in a local hospital!

A photo of assorted brownies

Why is this so important? Hear from the legends we have already treated:

We will deliver as often as we can, to as many hospitals as you make possible!
We will share our stories on here, to show you the difference your donations can make. I would be honoured to use my skills and love of baking to treat the NHS staff. I would like to ask for your help to cover the ingredient costs. We just want to say thank you as many times as possible to the great people of the NHS!

“Walking in to the coffee room to see these brownies was literally heart warming…. and brought the biggest smile”

ICU Nurse, NHS - Heartlands

“What a lovely surprise… and to know that people are thinking of us is very touching.”

ICU Consultant, NHS - Heartlands

Brought tears to my eyes… the kindness of people

ICU Nurse, NHS - Heartlands

Literally got me through the shift. After 15 hours of wearing a tight mask…. these were a pleasant surprise, thank you

ICU Physiotherapist, NHS - Heartlands

A special thank you to Mary’s Cupcakes UK from the nurses at the renal unit new cross hospital for sending us 2 boxes of delicious chocolate browines the terrys choc orange was amazing! This gesture of kindness showing your appreciation for all the hard work of the staff, leaves us humbled & grateful for your act of kindness #letsbeatcoronovirus#

Renal Unit Nurses, New Cross Hospital