It's OK to make a mess and mistakes, because they create the best treats! It's OK to make a mess and mistakes, because they create the best treats! It's OK to make a mess and mistakes, because they create the best treats!

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– Mary’s Cupakes

Mary’s Treat Boxes for October

New Menu of Treat boxes for dispatch End of October!

♥ Mint Aero & Caramel Brownie

♥ Toffiee, Nutella & Hazelnut Brownie

♥  Oreo Smores Brownie

♥ Toffee Apple Blondie

♥ Mint Aero Caramel Brownie

♥ Toffifee, Nutella & Hazelnut Brownie

♥ Crunchie Brownie

♥ Oreo Smores Brownie

♥ Toffee Apple Blondie

♥ Snickerdoodle Blondie

Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough Pop

Maple & Pecan Cookie Dough Pop

Allergy & Ingredient information available on the individual treats in the additional Information tab.

Mary says:

Bespoke Packaging – Not just a pretty “pink” face!

We have had to have our packaging especially made to cope with our SLABS of brownie, our boxes are 32mm high internally which is just enough to cope with our slabs & just small enough to fit through most letter boxes. So hopefully your Treats will be able to welcome you home after a long day!

Our Deluxe signature pink box comes as standard with all our postal treats & makes for an extra special treat for yourself or a loved one.

Most of our treats will come individually wrapped for extended freshness at there best for 21 days & perfect for the freezer if required, as we will only ever send you freshly baked treats. All treats are labelled with ingredients & Allergens listed.

Generous portions – not for the faint hearted

No ordinary Brownie, Our Slabs are roughly 90mm x 60mm can easily be portioned up to share or graze. They are between 20mm to 30mm deep dependant on the flavour, meaning your slabs stay gloriously moist in the middle. We have done a lot of market research, business way of saying we like eating brownies lol… In our humble opinion our Brownies are not only the best Brownies in Birmingham, But also the biggest at a whopping Average 150g!

Mix it up with a Treat box – Variety is the spice of life!

We will have a new menu every month, so the only limitation is how many flavours can Mary come up with… those of you who know Mary, she won`t be struggling anytime soon. However we really do want your feedback on our review section, so we know which ones would be good to repeat in the future! Also feel free to throw ideas for flavors at us & you never know it may just end up on the menu.