Let’s Bring Treat Day to the NHS – Part 2

“From small acorns big trees grow”

That saying has never felt so true! A few weeks ago, we were just a small family business rocking up at Market stalls selling treats to our lovely customers in Sutton Coldfield & Redditch, blissfully unaware of what was about to hit us all!

Then Lockdown hit & hospitals started to see huge increases in demand, putting huge strain on the hardest & bravest working people we know, Our NHS Legends! A few of our lovely customers asked us to deliver to friends & family, sharing a little joy with workers from the frontline. This lovely gesture was the aforementioned Acorn, Mary being Mary went Oooohh that’s amazing I want to donate some too, so we topped up those orders with extra treats on us! That was the Acorn Planted firmly in the ground.

So, what has been happening since I hear you ask…. I’m sure you are all more than up to date with the incredible challenges facing us as a nation, with the NHS being at the heart of that!

But our little Acorn has started to sprout shoots, we are incredibly honoured to share with you our progress & humbled by your Support!

We somehow in all the Chaos managed to Launch our new website that we are Proud to say has had you all saying lovely things X… Massive shout out to our Web Wizard Pedro for making that dream a reality!


This Website has allowed us to set up a donations Page & WOW did you knock our socks off! So so many of you took time to donate your money at this difficult time. Every donation large & small has been greatly appreciated, they have come from all angles other small independent businesses, family, friends & Our amazing customers at Mary’s! We even have other companies donating ingredients to support our efforts.



Now onto the shoots of the Tree….

Your generosity has allowed us to donate 10 boxes including 250 Treats into City Hospital Birmingham & Another 10 boxes into Sandwell Hospital!

Off the back of your nominations, we have also sent out smaller donation boxes to Smethwick Dialysis Unit 1.5 boxes, Kettering Surgical ward (come Covid bay) & Queen Elizabeth Renal Department, Good Hope Radiology unit & Erdington Ambulance Hub.

How do you nominate??…You get a nominations page after leaving a donation x

Treat Boxes for the NHS

We are already in a position to make some more generous donations next week so what this space….. However we want to keep growing our Acorn tree & keep treating the legends on the front line throughout this crisis & hopefully beyond.

So If you want to help us show appreciation to our NHS workers, please donate as much as you can as often as you can and we promise you we will keep getting the treats to where they can make a difference.

Thanks again for all your amazing support so far, without you this can not happen!

Mary, Shane & Family @ Marys